Q. What makes SealMaster's DynaWood & DynaCrete® product line different than other sealer companies? 

A.  At SealMasters, we specialize in sealers that are designed specifically for large-scale, heavy-duty applications (commercial, industrial, residential). Not only do we demand long-term results, we guarantee it.  The concrete and wood sealants are deep-penetrating not topical, suggesting no need to ever seal again; they strengthen the media as well as protect, preserve and make maintenance easier.  All SealMasters sealants retard mold growth and are not sold over-the-counter in the U.S and supplied by DynaCrete which has been manufacturing these sealant products since 1942.  

Q. What does the warranty cover?

A. Our transferable, written warranty is provided to every customer after completion. It covers both the product and the labor of the wood or concrete seal that we installed, with no trip charges or other associated fees or charges. Choose SealMasters, and you’ll never pay for a wood or concrete seal again!

Q. What type of service does SealMaster's offer?

A. We professionally clean your outdoor wood and concrete surfaces taking them back as close as possible to their original look and then install our unique sealants. Our SealMasters team is expert in commercial, industrial, and residential sealer applications. We offer expert advice on your unique situation, providing service unmatched in the industry. 

Q. How do I find out more about the services offered by SealMasters?

A. At SealMasters, we are committed to giving you the best service possible so we treat each order with special care. We recommend that you call or email us with the details on your specific needs. We will respond promptly addressing your questions.

Q. How do I have DynaCrete® products installed for my project?

A.. Call us at 281-362-8100 to arrange for a free consultation. We set up appointments Monday-Saturday for one of our experts to come out to look at your project, measure, explain our process, and give you a written estimate. We realize that every situation is unique and requires specific advice, so we provide a service second-to-none. Your situation will be handled with special care and interest. Anyone who uses our services will tell you that they received expert advice specifically for their situation.

Q. How does your concrete sealant work?

A. It penetrates deep into the pores of the concrete to then react with the alkali present. This reaction forms a hard, permanent barrier which is impervious to acids, moisture, etc.

Q. Does your concrete sealant fill cracks?

A. Yes and No. While it is capable of filling the small crevices and pores of the concrete, it will not fill cracks larger than 1mm across. Its unique properties, however, help in the crack-repairing process. Also, our sealant has “dust-stopping” properties, helps preclude additional cracking, and helps prevent mesh and rebar rusting.

Q. How long does your concrete sealant last?

A. It is designed to withstand the test of time. Since it is not a surface sealer, it will not break down due to surface wear and tear. Once it is applied, it will offer consistent, permanent protection against deterioration from the inside out.

Q. Will your sealants make my floor slippery?

A. No.  Our sealants, being penetrant sealants, will not alter the surface texture when applied.

Q. Will your sealants change the color of my wood or concrete?

A. No.  They are clear products and will leave treated surfaces unchanged, both in texture and color, and will not leave a membrane on the surfaces.

Q. How does your wood sealant work?

A. Our wood sealant penetrates deep into the pores of most wood and wood products to then react with tannic acid which exists in wood. This reaction forms a hard, permanent barrier which is impervious to acids, moisture, etc. This process hardens wood and protects it from deterioration.

Q. Will your wood sealant change the color of my wood?

A. No. As a matter of fact, it will, on most wood products, enhance the grain patterns slightly for a beautiful and natural look.

Q. Can your wood sealant be used on my log home or cedar-sided home?

A. Yes. It has been used on log and cedar-sided homes.

Q. Can your wood sealant be applied over paint or stain?

A. No.  It is a penetrant sealer and must be directly applied to bare wood.  Our cleaning process will remove existing stain or paint before the sealant is installed.

Q. Can my wood deck be stained after it has been sealed?

A. Yes, but you must wait 30 days for our sealant to fully cure although the deck can be used within 24 hours.  Most customers, however, opt for the natural look.  If you do elect to stain, the stain should last two-to-three times as long.

Q. Will sanding the wood post installation cause the sealant to become ineffective?

A. No, the sealant is not topical, it is deep penetrating.

Q. How much do you charge for your services?

A. Cost depends on type of surface (wood or concrete), square footage, and preparation time.  Therefore, we set up appointments Monday-Saturday to come out, look at your project, measure, explain our process in detail and provide a written estimate.  

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*SealMaster's wood sealing agents are supplied exclusively from DynaCrete ® and are not available over-the-counter in the U.S.

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